What is Parakaleo®?



A Christ-centered support group for women affected by
the sexual impurity of a significant man in their life.

Parakaleo® (pä-rä-kä-le’-ō) is a weekly support group providing a safe and confidential environment for women whose lives have been affected by the sexual impurity of a significant man in their lives. If a significant man in your life is acting out through viewing pornography, using self-gratification, using prostitutes, having affairs, or visiting sexually oriented businesses, you are not alone. Here, you will find a group of women who can relate, support, and nurture you through this journey. The support group is led by women who have survived their own painful experience and have found healing on their journey.

The discovery of sexual betrayal by a significant man in your life can be traumatic. While we have certainly been traumatized, we did not cause the man to betray us, steal our serenity, or make us fear for our own lives.

Pain                              Loneliness                            Anger                           Resentment
Shame                          Embarrassed                       Isolation                      Grief
Sadness                       Fear                                         Shock                           Anxiety

Can you relate?
Many women need empathy and encouragement dealing with the heartache, confusion, and powerlessness they may feel. We care deeply, having experienced a similar situation, and we wish to provide encouragement, hope, and support in a safe and confidential environment.

“The fine art of friendship is forged in pain. It’s allowing your own heart
to break with theirs instead of scrambling to fix what you can’t.”
– Beth Moore

 For additional information or questions, please contact us at Parakaleo@Merimnao.org

Parakaleo® is part of the Merimnao group of ministries. Merimnao is an IRS registered 501c3 organization.


3 thoughts on “What is Parakaleo®?

    • Hi, we currently only have one meeting at the Fellowship (Monday nights). We do have another meeting in Sugar Land on Thursdays. You are more than welcome to attend either one at your convenience.


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