The Seven Truths

Parakaleo® (pä-rä-kä-le’-ō) is a ministry for women whose lives have been affected by the struggles with sexual impurity of a significant male in their lives.

1. We did not cause the sexual brokenness of any man in our lives who struggles with sexual impurity.

2. We are powerless over the sexual behaviors of men who are significant to us.

3. We cannot change the character or integrity of the men that we love, who struggle with sexual impurity.

4. We experienced emotional trauma as a result of the sexually impure activities of a man whose behavior is out of control.

5. Our lives were characterized by chaos, confusion and craziness as a result of living with the sexual acting out of a man.

6. We recognize that we need the support and comfort of other women as we grieve the losses from our trauma.

7. We acknowledge that it will take a work of Christ in our lives to be healed from the trauma we experienced.

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